Sustainable Initiatives

ITG is actively involved in recycling and removal of obsolete technology equipment, often referred to as eWaste, on behalf of our customers. We are serious about our concern for the environment, seeking to make efficient use of energy, and procurement of materials to reduce the direct environmental impact of our operations. What started as a service that we offered as a free courtesy to a few customers has grown into a standard business practice that we are proud to offer. Our attitude toward recycling obsolete technology equipment is to demonstrate sound environmental practices which are consistent with these standards.

ITG is progressively implementing its environmental policy throughout its operations. An integral element in the successful achievement of this objective is building awareness, acceptance and support for the policy amongst all employees. As part of this effort, we have recently become an Affiliate member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a 700-member international consortium focused on reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of information and communications technologies.

Security Solutions

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Strategic Partners

Focused On Your Success.

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Systems Managment

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