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Independent Technology Group is one of Minerva Labs first United States based partners. Minerva Labs has been disrupting the technology space in their malware and ransomware approach to prevention.

Minerva Is Introducing a New Layer of Defense

Standard Security Infrastructure is established on the outdated framework of “detection and response.” Normal solutions use an array of signatures, deception techniques and behavioral mechanisms. These methods of defending against unknown threats with known solutions. The modern malware has evolved. It is smart, evasive, and is able to divert other security appliances readily available.

Minerva’s EndPoint Solution

Minerva has a distinct patent pending endpoint prevention solution which creates an environment where the malware is hindered from execution allowing companies the capability to manage specific threats with assurance that the attack has been resolved before any malicious activity could be exploited. Minerva stops targeted attacks before possessing any prior knowledge and without the need to detect and analyze them first.

Minerva’s Prevention Methodology

Minerva is able to cause the malware from executing its code right before the installation phase (the fifth phase on the Cyber Kill Chain) by “tricking” the deadliest attacks before any damage occurs. Thus, the malware remains in a dormant state and is not able to run or unpack and execute their code.

Minerva’s Prevention of Ransomware

With Ransomware, timing is crucial. Depending on how your security system is set up, you will be running against the clock to find and catch ransomware infiltrating your system. Minerva was the first to stop TeslaCrypt 3.1 in the wild before other systems were even alerted of its existence.

Minerva prevents attacks that may be executed such as: CryptoWall, VaultCrypt and CTB-Locker.

Minerva Increases the Value of your current Security System

Minerva Adds Value to your whole defensive security ecosystem by communicating with your other security appliances of the existence of malware in your environment. This allows you to dispense the threat even quicker while also added an extra layer of security and assurance to current solutions. Minerva is able to integrate with endpoint and network security solutions along with cloud intelligence solutions.

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Key Facts About Minerva Labs:

Minerva Won the award for most innovative Cyber Defense startup at the 2016 Cybertech Conference.
Minerva won hub:raum’s cyber security competition in Berlin at the 2016 Cyber Boot Camp competition in early February.

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