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Imagine This

A man in a maintenance uniform frantically approaches your company’s front desk and says he needs to do an emergency inspection of some local Ethernet ports. After your receptionists lead him to the specified ports, the man plugs in his laptop for a brief few moments, types on his keyboard, and leaves, thanking them for their help. Months later, it is discovered that this man was impersonating a network tech as a part of an elaborate hacking scheme to gain access to the valuable data in your systems. While this portion played a small part in the overall breach, the damage was done and an opportunity to become aware of the problem when the breach first occurred was lost.

As far-fetched as this scenario may seem, the increasing quantity and value of data in conjunction with the increased number of sophisticated hacking organizations and state-sponsored threats means that attackers are going to ever greater lengths to acquire data. As seen in the high-profile case of the Target breach, significant losses of data due to lack of oversight not only reflects poorly on the technology department, but also on the company brand and market position. It is for these reasons that cyber security is being hailed as a threat greater than terrorism in the western world.

Are your employees properly trained in data security? The scenario mentioned earlier could have been avoided with proper training. Even if your employees are trained, how effective is the training and do you know how they would actually react to a real penetration attempt?

What can we do for you?

ITG security testing services can answer these questions and assist in preparing your team for the inevitable network attacks. Our team specializes in both physical and web-based penetration testing (pen-testing) and social engineering that enacts attack-style scenarios in a controlled, perfectly safe environment.


Physical pen-testing involves attempting to breach your network in person, whether by contact with your employees (the most vulnerable part of your business) or by engaging in social engineering strategies that are used by sophisticated attackers.


If you have a web-facing application, you can test its security with our web pen-testing services. These services employ many of the same tools and methods that attackers would use against you, but in a laboratory setting under your supervision.


Our services are designed to help you prepare for your industry-specific regulatory compliance standards. Whether it be exposing your loopholes or fulfilling a regulatory compliance requirement for pen-testing, ITG security services is a primary go-to for many companies in a variety of industries, including financial, healthcare, legal, education, wholesale, aerospace, and others.

Security Testing Services Infographic


Comprehensive report of all measures taken, findings, and recommended remediation steps

Repeatable, transparent processes and results

Our security services are operated entirely independent from our reseller business

Certainty that your employees are properly informing you of your data security measures.

Finding loopholes before attackers do

Ensuring that employees are properly trained

Ensuring regulatory compliance preparedness

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