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IT departments everywhere are confronted with the difficult task of increasing security at every access and use point in their organizations while simultaneously increasing points of access and use across the network.

The need to continuously expand and adapt network access in order to accommodate new locations and internet devices, from cell phones to iPads, can often compromise security and leave IT networks vulnerable in the process. As a result, networks have become more and more complex and now include a myriad of technologies for information access and use safeguarding.

The good news is that ITG is able to increase access and use security WITHOUT overhauling your entire network. Independent Technology Group is highly focused on creating innovative solutions that provide a holistic approach to safely and efficiently protect enterprise systems. We look at the effectiveness and stability of the technology we recommend, the product and installation costs, ease of use, customization features, scalability, cost-effective maintenance and, of course, how they affect network performance and access.

While no single application can protect every aspect of a company's information and communication technology, we ensure a solution that will protect your company’s most valuable assets.

Our areas of security expertise include:

Firewall Security

VPN Security

Server Security

Network Access Security

Security Risk Management

Penetration testing and security audit services: View our Security Testing Services

DDoS protection

Sandboxing and malware analysis

Web traffic analysis tools

Remediation efforts post-breach

We encourage you to learn more about the products we use and recommend by reviewing our Strategic Partners page. We look forward to talking with you about the best ways to improve WAN throughput for your business systems.

Learn more about ITG and our security services by downloading the eBook below!

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