Embark on the next evolution of the network.
Alleviate MPLS pain and cost.
Gain resiliency and bandwidth.

22 manufacturers offer SD-WAN solutions: But only one fits your unique needs.
Differentiating between solutions can be a challenge, but you can supplement your research with Independent perspective from ITG. We have done the research, synthesized all of the analyst reports, and evaluated the technologies hands-on.

Not sure about ITG or SD-WAN? Read on for our general overview of SD-WAN, why SD-WAN, and why ITG for SD-WAN

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    Often there are two competing interests within an organization. The WAN is fragile, it works, and recovering from a mistake could be costly. On the other hand, network traffic patterns are rapidly changing with migration of applications to the cloud. Consumer broadband is becoming disruptively inexpensive, and SD-WAN technology takes those connections beyond best efforts to keep up with the SLAs of applications like VOIP and Office 365. SD-WAN, for some companies, will offer marked improvement thanks to end-to-end visibility across dynamic paths.

    The solutions are so effective, analysts speculate that many organizations are likely to use these technologies to enhance or even replace MPLS. Ultimately they will reap the rewards of new abstractions, greater bandwidth, and reduced cost. Cloud applications will perform better thanks to their optimization. The choice isn't simple, because networks are complex and unique, which is why you need to work with professionals who can add value.

    Need more detail on SD-WAN? Read our blog post: What is SD-WAN?


    What makes ITG's SD-WAN practice unique?

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    An Independent SD-WAN lab

    ITG has an active MPLS backbone running concurrent/parallel to several of the top SD-WAN solutions in the market for comparison, evaluation, and demonstration.

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    An experienced approach

    ITG's engineers each possess a minimum of 5 years working for enterprise customers. We have done SD-WAN deployments before, and employ WANop experts that have brought decades of experience to the evolving WAN.

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    SD-WAN and connectivity in one conversation

    Implementing SD-WAN, whether in addition to or replacing the current WAN, requires a reexamination of the connectivity to each site. ITG conveniently can bundle connectivity into an SD-WAN project with great avantages, including dramatic cost savings, circuit monitoring, and connectivity maps for visibility and control.

    Some of ITG's SD-WAN partners

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    SD-WAN technology for Hybrid Cloud Access

    In today’s world of modern enterprise, every business, in every industry can benefit from the agility and economic advantages of being in the cloud.

    Enterprises vying to stay competitive in this evolving environment are faced with branch challenges, when customers’ instantiate workloads across multiple cloud regions, highlighting redundancy, proximity issues and ongoing business tasks:

    • Expensive Bandwidth
    • Branch Complexity
    • Rigid Architecture

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    SilverPeak SD-WAN / Hybrid WAN

    Silver Peak Unity is the premier solution for SD-WAN and hybrid WANs

    Silver Peak products give you the power to quickly migrate to an enterprise-grade WAN that leverages the Internet, while dramatically improving application performance and lowering networking costs.

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    CloudGenix Establishing a dynamic security perimeter

    Establish a dynamic network security perimeter based on contexts that include groupings of specific applications, users, and/or branch VLANs. Keep contexts secure without re-configuring the network, deploying new hardware, or changing the network topology.


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