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When business needs data and application access, they need it NOW!!! Fast, reliable and secure accessibility of data and applications from virtually anywhere is key for successful business operations. Designing, enhancing and building networks to meet these demands is one area of ITG expertise.

Upgrading network line speeds and throwing hardware at the problem is a short term solution at best, and one that can cause more problems than it solves while costing more money and time than necessary. What you need are proven strategies for your complex networking challenges. You need intelligent, real-time and secure traffic management tools and solutions that help you meet the multi-faceted demands of fast, reliable and secure networks. ITG has the hands-on, proven experience and skills needed to optimize, secure and manage your current network in ways that align with future network demands.

At Independent Technology Group we understand the demands you face and know how to solve these complex situations. We have developed a unique methodology to craft and mold your network to meet the needs of enterprise-based users, services and applications. Our methodology and solutions bring our clients eye-popping network response times during peak periods, significantly increased visibility and control over network congestion, state of the art security to keep the bad guys out, and rapid return on your investment.

Our Enterprise Networking Solutions allow our customers to:

Increase network capacity, throughput and security without impeding application performance

Prioritize application access through affordable, easy to install, and minimally impactful tools
that are centrally managed across a decentralized network

Provide system-wide visibility of network and application performance, management, security and access

Administer easy to use, extensive central configuration and management of large, distributed networks

Accelerate and secure remote access to data and applications

We encourage you to learn more about the products we use and recommend by reviewing our Strategic Partners page. We look forward to talking with you about the best ways to improve WAN throughput for your business systems.

Network & Security Case Study:

Case Study: ITG Network an “Industry Best Practice” Environment Case Study: ITG Network an “Industry Best Practice” Environment (104 KB)

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