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A company whom believes, like many of you, that the network is one of the single greatest vehicles for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement the world has ever known. The great task of delivering a new network for the next decade is built on the creativity and commitment of their people.

The network plays a central role in addressing the critical challenges we face as a global community. Consider the healthcare industry, where the network is the foundation for new models of mobile affordable care for underserved communities. Or the energy sector, where the network is helping to accelerate distribution of clean, renewable sources of energy. In education, the network continues to expand access to quality teaching resources, so that people of every socioeconomic background have a chance to educate themselves and participate in the global economy. At its core, the network has become a platform—one that transforms how we interact with our government institutions, conduct business on a daily basis, and connect with our family and friends.

Every day, Juniper Networks is helping customers build the best networks on the planet. Every innovation they envision, every technology they create is informed by their desire to help solve their customers’ toughest challenges so they can compete and thrive today and into the future. Independent Technology Group and Juniper Networks offer complimentary Network Modernization Assessments so you have the clarity and visibility to see how you really compare to your network needs.

Key Facts About Juniper:

Juniper's customer base includes 130 global service providers and 96 of the Global Fortune 100.
Juniper Networks delivers industry-leading IP networking and security.
Delivered the market's first ASIC-based firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention product.
Created the most comprehensive SSL VPN products in the market.
Delivers the market's best ASIC-based firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention product.
Created the most comprehensive SSL VPN products in the market.
Juniper Networks holds a top three market-share position in each key market it serves.

Juniper Networks Extensive Resource and Online Support:

The Juniper Resource Support provides access to trusted tech notes, troubleshooting, security, documentation, analyzers and tools including an in-depth knowledge base. Take a look.

Check out the Juniper M40 Router here.

Juniper Networks SRX Firewall

Coupled with Juniper's dynamic routing and switching capabilities, Juniper protects you with their versatile SRX Firewall Appliance. Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateway provides Next Generation Anti-Threat Firewall capabilities with high performance security. Juniper's SRX Series provide a wide range of options from all in one unified physical and virtual network security appliance all the way to incredibly scalable chassis centered data solutions.

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