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Not only do they build the world’s fastest firewalls, but Fortinet utilities are also adapted to the modern network structure. While legacy networks are typically surrounded by a perimeter of defenses that contain all network devices, the nature of the modern threat landscape and use of network-connected devices requires a multi-layered approach. Fortinet was recently named “Company of the Year” at the Technology Impact Awards.

Many businesses are concerned with a seamless customer or employee experience that limits the hoops network users must jump through while also ensuring maximum security. The “Zero-Trust” approach taken by Fortinet is reflective of the modern threat landscape while allowing for throughput speeds that make network security seamless and hassle-free. Fortinet appliances utilize the FortiOS software suite which is optimized for modern challenges such as bring your own device (BYOD). Combining their firewall capabilities with network segmentation to create a highly effective Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW) to ensure your network as a whole remain secure.

Fortinet offers products that are suited for many different needs. Most notable would be their high end FortiGate 5000 Series designed to protect the most complex networks with the highest speeds. Datacenters, service providers (including cloud services) and other demanding projects are best suited by this application. The FortiGate 5000 and other high end firewalls produced by Fortinet are excellent components in an ITG-designed network or datacenter infrastructure. For other branch locations, Fortinet’s midrange offerings such as the FortiGate 800-600 Series are a great choice for local campuses and extended locations.

Key Facts About Fortinet

In June 2014 Fortinet won two awards from Network World and two from Computerworld for its Fortigate platform.
Fortinet services the majority of the Fortune Global 100.
Fortinet provides a comprehensive security suite that is fully integrated, including antivirus and web filtering.
Fortinet firewalls allow for three operational modes: transparent, static NAT, and dynamic NAT for increased adaptability.

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