With the explosive growth of bring your own device (BYOD) as a practice for many companies and the concurrent need in security and network speed, a powerful wireless network is a must have. Aruba Networks offers a suite of solutions that allow for the massive infrastructure reduction and savings associated with less hard-wired connections. Aruba’s solutions allow for a single set of unified access policies for wireless, wired and VPNs, which can be managed all from a single platform. As the leader in 802.11ac WiFi products, Aruba Networks offers solutions that are very consistent with the growing needs of many enterprises and their respective campuses.

#GenMobile refers to the next generation of business professionals in a variety of industries. Aruba predicts that these individuals have 4x the amount of connected devices, nontraditional work hours, and a preference for WiFi. This leads Aruba to adhere to a philosophy of the “Mobile Defined Network,” as the amount of #GenMobile users on any given network is only increasing. Mobile Defined Networks require maximum real-time visibility of devices connected at any given time, as well as relevant reports that grant administrator needed utility. As these young professionals enter the market at an ever more rapid pace, it is paramount for companies to maximize their productivity with a network that they can trust.

Aruba Network solutions are ideal for hospitals, educational institutions, or any other industry that foresees growth in their need for managing many internet-connected devices at once. Aruba solutions are seamless from a user experience and are powerful in their abilities from a network management perspective. If your business is opting for an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) orientation, it is important to put the users first and adopt the quality of network that users expect.

Aruba Networks ClearPass Solution offers a comprehensive and scalable platform that goes beyond traditional AAA solutions to offer consistent policies for IT owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security requirements.

Key Facts About Aruba:

Aruba’s CEO Dominic Orr credits their exponential growth directly to the rapid expansion of BYOD in the workplace.
Aruba is a “best practice environment” for #GenMobile, as their employees are trained entirely via mobile apps.
Their devices can replace expensive Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and can be a solution for companies with hundreds of branches that otherwise could not implement a VPN.

Implementing a Scalable and Reliable Wireless Network in a Crowded Multi-Tenant Environment

See how ITG was able to tackle and provide integrated solutions for various problems:
1. Client moved to a larger headquarters campus with heavy interference from neighboring SSIDs
2. ITG used Aruba Networks® AP-225 Access Points to deliver a strong and scalable signal
3. ITG was able to reduce interference and eliminate dead zones in the new location, while delivering a fast and stable WiFi network across the campus

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