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Arista Networks (NASDAQ:ANET) is a network company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA that sells switches optimized for software defined networks (SDN). Arista Networks has been setting records and winning awards over the past decade for the best software defined cloud networking solutions for large data center environments. As pioneers of cloud networking, and they are now moving into Software Defined Cloud networking that combines their expertise in cloud networking with the next-generation capabilities of SDN. Their designs are such that any workload can be moved to any server in seconds-a feat that can allow businesses to reap many benefits in saved dollars and productivity. All of this can be dealt with under a single point of management. Arista solutions are designed to reduce complexity and increase speeds by collapsing layers of the network that traditionally functioned as bottlenecks for traffic in a hierarchical design. The fewer tier philosophy espoused by Arista is one of the key elements that set them apart from their competition.

Concerned about compatibility with your current networking solution? Arista solutions are fully interoperable, allowing for cohesion with your current systems.

Arista operates by five key principles for designing cloud networks:

1. One network for all applications: flatter networks and sufficient bandwidth is better than the hierarchical network designs of legacy network. Arista offers a two-tiered network design that can leverage underused network resources and reduce costs. This is extremely useful for big data, application delivery, and other high-compute processes that define the present-day’s business needs.

2. Standard space technologies: Allows for incremental growth from existing designs and interoperability with other network technology.

3. Overlays when addressing virtualization needs.

4. Arista solutions are strong in automation: provisioning and monitoring allows you to bring up a rack within minutes rather than hours.

5. Programmability of the network: automation is necessary, but it also must be flexible. Arista’s products allow you to build a scalable software-defined cloud networks up to 100000+ servers and 1 million virtual machines.

Arista cloud solutions offer unique compute density, power density, and low latency that will exceed the expectations of businesses looking to step into the virtualized cloud environment.

“Cloud networking applies to everyone. The small, the medium, and the large enterprises. You either have to compete with the cloud or be in the cloud.” –Ansul Sadana, Arista SVP, Customer Engineering

Key Facts About Arista Networks:

In late June 2014, Arista was the newest member of the AVnu Alliance, an industry consortium that certifies Audio Visual Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability
Arista networks was founded by David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim, famous for cutting the first checks to Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin for a project called Google
Arista had an extremely successful IPO in early June 2014

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