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In today’s hyper-connected world, the technical and financial performance and brand integrity of your company depends on the operational performance of your network.

Companies face a host of network security challenges: DDoS attacks, Hackers, Internal and External Threats, BYOD-based access, Cloud usage. Attacks against companies are increasingly attacking application layer functions on the perimeter of enterprise networks; firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and can be used to shut down a particular website or Web service such as email.

Other critical challenges facing enterprises include advanced and insider threats. Advanced threats typically infiltrate networks by targeting a company’s employees through email and social engineering techniques. Persistent and stealthy, these threats are designed to look like legitimate traffic and often go undetected by firewalls and IPS. Insider threats, on the other hand, originate from employees or other authorized users on a company’s network who seek to gain access to unauthorized corporate information for personal gain or retribution. With the explosion of personal mobile device use within the enterprise environment and the increased adoption of cloud-based services, IT organizations have less control over the security of their environments. As a result, advanced and insider threats continue to grow at an alarming pace.

As a leading provider of network security solutions and a hub for Internet-wide research on cybercrime trends, Arbor brings significant experience and a big-picture perspective to your enterprise challenges. Arbor offers comprehensive solutions that ensure your network availability, analyze your network security in real time and provide actionable intelligence that enables your company to proactively strengthen and protect its network operations.

Key Facts About Arbor Networks:

Leading provider of network security solutions and a hub for Internet-wide research on cybercrime trends.
Premier provider of management solutions for the vast majority of the world’s tier one and tier two ISPs.
Delivered the market's first ASIC-based firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention product.
Created the most comprehensive SSL VPN products in the market.
Capabilities include in-depth network visibility, DDoS threat detection and mitigation.
Market-leading products deliver increased network visibility and actionable security intelligence.
Arbor Networks offers a comprehensive selection of technical training courses.

Arbor Networks Extensive Resource and Online Support:

The Arbor Resource Library provides access to technical papers authored by Arbor's thought leaders examining DDoS, advanced threats and today's network security operational challenges. Take a look.

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