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Addressing the needs of today and of the future, A10 Networks delivers high-performance network management tools that accelerate, optimize, secure, and provide unprecedented visibility for network traffic as it traverses down network pipes. A10 Networks was created with the notion of solving business problems through the innovative use of emerging technologies, and staffs experts in the areas of super computing, high-performance networking, server load balancing, bandwidth management and network identity management. With the rapid speed of innovation allowed today by advances in communication, customers choose A10 Networks to help their networks keep pace. Created and engineered to deliver unprecedented acceleration, identification and visibility, A10 has three product families in its portfolio: the AX Series advanced traffic manager; the EX Series bandwidth management appliance with identity; and the ID Series network management appliances. Each product family is based on a high-performance appliance platform that is architected for today's and tomorrow's applications, enabling multiple features to run on a single appliance without compromising performance.

AX Series - Advanced Traffic Management

The AX Series is a new generation server load balancer with the industry's best price/performance, helping enterprises and ISPs to scale and maximize application availability through the world's most advanced application delivery platform. The AX Series is revolutionary by current market standards due to its Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) with a native multi-core CPU, shared memory architecture, which is exponentially faster and more scalable than other systems on the market. With the AX Series, customers do not have to sacrifice features for performance.

EX Series - Bandwidth Management with Identity Reporting

A10 Networks' EX Series is the industry's only bandwidth management appliance with identity-based application visibility. By managing bandwidth and traffic with unprecedented user and application visibility, the EX Series helps organizations of all sizes secure, optimize and scale their network edge and perimeter. By consolidating multiple WAN bandwidth management functions into one optimized management platform, organizations can greatly simplify their management of edge services, and increase performance and reliability for applications.

ID Series - Network Identity Management

The ID Series contains the industry's only network identity management appliances delivering integrated features that resolve IP addresses to user identity (IP-to-ID) instantly, simplify user password management with the User Self Help Web Portal, provision user account management, and enhance RADIUS authentication and access control.

Key Facts About A10 Networks:

A10 Networks is a leading provider of advanced application networking technologies.
A10 Networks products are built on our proprietary Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS)
A10 has many tested solutions to effectively integrate with leading application and networking products.
A10 Named Top Work Place by Bay Area News Group for 4 Consecutive Years
TA10 Networks Chosen for Top Global 75 Companies by Mis Asia

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